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COVID vaccination form


Need to do work but can't get into Horizon?

Don't fret, here is a list of links that should enable you to do most everything you would normally.

*Please DO NOT save your password for any of these sites!*

  • Outlook
  • Zoom
  • UltiPro
  • Company Mileage
  • Relias
  • GoSignMeUp
  • Fast Support
  • *Note: Horizon is the only way to access your p:drive or the s:drive.

    **If you are curious whether you should be using Horizon or not, please reach out to your supervisor for guidance.


    No internet at home?

    We all know that not having internet access can be a huge barrier for the people we serve. Luckily, we have a new resource available, a map of public Wi-fi hot spots that can help those who don't have access to internet. They can access from outside of the buildings, and the map is color-coded and provides info for each location as well as a password if needed. I encourage you to play around with it a bit and pass along to anyone who might benefit! See the link below.


    Need a guide in these times?

    We know a lot has been going on and a lot of information has been sent out. Luckily we put together this handy guide to help while you work from home.

    Remote Workplace Guide

    Need guidance on clinical work from home?

    Here are some helpful resources.

    Here are some helpful things to say to clients during these times.

    Having trouble with Zoom?

    Here are resources to help get you started.

  • Install the Zoom Application
  • Zoom's Help Center
  • Zoom Video Tutorials
  • Updating and Locking a Zoom Meeting
  • Missed the IT Zoom training? Don't worry here is a recording of it.


    Need to get to Horizon?

    Here is a link to it.

    Here are some helpful resources.

  • Instructions for Horizon app.
  • Instructions for Horizon web access.
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    Misc. Helpful Tools

  • COVID vaccination form
  • Open Access Training Materials
  • IT Help Desk

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